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What are open graph images?

When someone shares one of your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slack, Telegram and many other platforms, a mini preview of your article is shown to other users.

This preview is meant to give other users information about your article before they click on it (or decide to scroll past).

Many publications don't optimize these images which means Facebook and other platforms end up picking a random image from your page to use as the preview image.

Here's a typical example

Here's what a typical open graph preview image looks like when seen on social platforms

Improving the user experience

A well-designed open graph image can strengthen your brand awareness, give users more information, and result in more clicks to your site, which in turn leads to more sales.

So how might we improve the above example?

Lets make the design more attractive with some branding elements, and add a more information that potential readers will find useful.

Improving the design

Here's what an open graph image can look like for the same product if we add some design elements

Automating the process

So now you want to create images like this for every article on your site.

Well... creating open graph images manually takes a long time and if you have many pages, it's impractical to do it all by hand.

Previewmojo can help you by auto-generating your open graph images for every page, based on a template that you choose.

Setting up a template

Choose a template on Previewmojo and set it up to pull article data from your site

Auto generate open graph images

Previewmojo then starts auto-generating open graph images for every page on your site...

And so on... no image uploading, no image editing, just integrate the Previewmojo code with your website and instantly upgrade its social media presence.

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